Part 2: Preparing Your Agency for a 2020 Recession

Part 2 of “Preparing your Agency for a 2020 Recession” Vanessa Vollum explores what Agency leadership should be focusing on as the current economic cycle ends. She contends that “Organizational Agility”, which is the combination of Speed and Knowledge is your last sustainable competitive advantage, and create the foundation for surviving (and even thriving) in […]

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Part 1: Preparing Your Agency for a 2020 Recession

Vanessa Vollum, discusses why 70% of US economist (and CFO’s) believe there will likely be a recession by end of 2020… and how agency leadership can help their organizations survive, and even thrive as the economy ends its current economic cycle. She contends there is a proven approach, that will align leadership teams and de-risk […]

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Why Marketing Operations Consulting?

Hi, I’m Vanessa Vollum, a Marketing Operations Consultant for the marketing services industry (Agency and In-house). Over the last decade I have helped over 150 agencies through explosive growth, complex organizational change and re-organizations. I often get asked what motivates me to take on such challenging goals, so I thought I would share what makes […]

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Transitioning from Workamajig Classic to Platinum

Workamajig® has been making great strides in getting their new, HTML5-based Platinum version up and running for Time Entry, Project Management, Expense Reports, Purchase Orders, Billing and Sales/CRM (some of the Accounting functionalities are still being beta tested). We know that lots of people are excited to make the transition from Workamajig Classic to Platinum, […]

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Data Driven Decision Making in the Creative Firm

For the last decade, we have been helping creative agencies who are struggling to balance their Creative and Culture with the demands of Profitability. And while integrated platforms like Advantage, WorkBook® and Workamajig® help increase throughput and provide integrated financial and operational data, we’ve found our clients are struggling to leverage that raw data to improve decision making and change behavior. Enter AgencyStory™. […]

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From Chaos…to Creativity

Over the last six years, CPI has helped over a hundred agencies through the rigors of identifying, training, deploying or redeploying their integrated systems. If you are considering (or struggling with) adopting a tool like Advantage, Workamajig ® or WorkBook… we have provided a brief synopsis of the “critical success factors” that will either make […]

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Project | Account Management Divide

Over the years, we’ve worked with marketing and advertising agencies in all shapes and sizes – digital shops, full-service niched firms, design heavy shops, PR firms – with anywhere from 7 to 500 employees. No matter the agency position, niche or size, we consistently see confusion and struggles in one area in particular:  the division […]

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747,300 Reasons for Better Timekeeping

I’ve had the fortune of consulting with many marketing agencies across the country, ranging in size from 10-100 employees, at various rates of growth and stages of maturity. The one thing that binds them together is their ongoing struggle with time tracking. If done properly (and with the correct software solution) timekeeping should give principals […]

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