Part 3: Preparing Your Agency for a 2020 Recession

Part 3 of “Preparing your Agency for a 2020 Recession” Vanessa Vollum explores what Agency leadership should be focusing on as the current economic cycle ends. In this third installment, Vanessa will discuss how your agency’s financial and operational model will likely need to be modernized and vetted, to ensure it is in alignment with […]

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AgencyStory® – BI Solution for Agency Leadership

Introducing AgencyStory® a patent pending business intelligence solution designed specifically for the marketing services industry. Developed by Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a leading consultancy in the industry, the solution is designed to support agency leadership as they navigate an increasingly complex and challenging business environment.

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Part 2: Preparing Your Agency for a 2020 Recession

Part 2 of “Preparing your Agency for a 2020 Recession” Vanessa Vollum explores what Agency leadership should be focusing on as the current economic cycle ends. She contends that “Organizational Agility”, which is the combination of Speed and Knowledge is your last sustainable competitive advantage, and create the foundation for surviving (and even thriving) in […]

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Part 1: Preparing Your Agency for a 2020 Recession

Vanessa Vollum, discusses why 70% of US economist (and CFO’s) believe there will likely be a recession by end of 2020… and how agency leadership can help their organizations survive, and even thrive as the economy ends its current economic cycle. She contends there is a proven approach, that will align leadership teams and de-risk […]

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Position Papers

Understanding the new ASC 606 Revenue Rules

If you are an Agency Principal, Creative, Account Manager or Project Manager…STOP! This article is not for you. Really. If you’re that curious and have no pressing client deadlines, go ahead and read it, but do so at your own risk. You might die of boredom. But, Agency CFOs and Controllers? You’re going to want […]

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The CPI Top Ten Broken Agency Processes: Part 4

Welcome back to the 4th and final installment in our CPI Top Ten Broken Agency Processes series. Writing these articles has been a bit of a cathartic experience for us, and we hope you’ve had the same experience while reading them. This article, Solutions to Financial Challenges, is perhaps our most in-depth and involved article; […]

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The CPI Top Ten Broken Agency Processes: Part 3

Thank you for returning for part three of the CPI Top Ten Broken Agency Processes. The first installment focused on identifying the top five operational challenges agencies face, with the second installment focused on the top five financial challenges confronting agencies. Subsequently, the third and fourth installments will focus on practical solutions to addressing these […]

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The CPI Top Ten Broken Agency Processes: Part 2

Welcome back for our second installment in The CPI Top Ten! Our first article in this series covered the most common broken processes from an agency Operational perspective; today’s article will cover the five most commonly broken Financial processes within agencies. A slight heads-up! The content in the following Financial processes (numbers 6-10) is a […]

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Press Releases

AHA Engages CPI | PM Audit & Workamajig Training

Portland, OR, October 2nd, 2019 — Vancouver, WA based AHA Agency, has engaged Creative Performance Inc. to conduct an in-depth review of their PMO discipline, and how PM’s are currently leveraging their Agency Management Software of record.  The engagement will focus on Campaign Architecture, Project Architecture, Template & Project Setup, Tasks & Schedules, Managing Campaigns […]

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Argonaut Engages CPI | WorkBook Deployment

Portland, OR, September 9th, 2019 — San Francisco, CA -based Argonaut has engaged Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a national leader in financial and operational consulting for the marketing services industry, to assist in their transition from NetSuite to WorkBook by Deltek. CPI will be working closely with Deltek’s Professional Services team, as they oversee the […]

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Global Recession Coming Sooner Than Thought

Thursday August 15, 2019 - Global stock markets sold off hard due to ever-weakening economic data in Europe and Asia and further yield curve inversions. This is the latest among many indicators that a global recession is just around the corner. Find out how to prepare your Agency for the downturn.

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Predicting the next U.S. recession

Tuesday August 13, 2019 - Trade tensions have pulled corporate confidence and global growth to multi-year lows and U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement of more tariffs have raised downside risks significantly, Morgan Stanley analysts said in a recent note.

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