Creative Performance Inc. (CPI) is a niche-consulting firm for the Marketing Services industry (Agency + In-House). We specialize in measurably improving our client’s throughput, realization rates, utilization rates, project profitability and business intelligence; while protecting culture and creativity.

CPI brings a balanced approach that emphasizes harmony between People, Process + Technology. Clients include niche, medium and large Agencies across North America.


We help turn established Agencies into something special. Our proven approach helps organize chaos and removes barriers to team (and individual) performance. The result is a harmonious organization, where leadership and talent are aligned; leading to increased agility, scalability and profitability.

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Agency Performance Audit

CPI’s Agency Performance Audit focuses on examining your organization at a near molecular level, to understand how you produce work. We then take this information to create a comprehensive, detailed and practical roadmap for improving every process in your Agency from scoping to project completion. Contact CPI ›

Financial Model + Rate Analysis

Every day, thousands of decisions are being made by both leadership and employees that impact the health of their organization. If not well coordinated (via an aligned Financial and Operational Model), these decisions create shockwaves throughout the organization, eventually impacting project, client and Agency profit. Contact CPI ›

Engagement Models + Workflows

Document the ideal way you want to do the work; more easily scope, price, set clear timelines, and proactively drive and manage client engagements. Additionally, reduce internal mistakes to improve the overall engagement experience (for both Agency team members and client), while improving work quality. Contact CPI ›

Org Structure + Roles & Responsibilities

Did you know that your current organizational structure is likely holding you back from achieving your goals? Having the right people, on the right seats on the right bus is the difference between chaos and a scalable organization. We design organizational structures and clarify R&R across disciplines to drive efficiency, quality and profit. Contact CPI ›

Tech Deploy -or- Redeployment

We help organizations deploy “Agency Systems of Record” that dramatically increase their ability to scope projects, launch work, optimize team workloads and increase project throughput. “90% of ERP deployments fail to deliver any measurable ROI; with 40% experiencing large operational disruption”. With  100+ deployments under our belt, we can help. Contact CPI ›

Revenue Recognition + Performance Check-in

Agencies that proactively manage their clients are more profitable and have healthier long-term (win/win) relationships. CPI builds processes that help you dynamically manage your projects, identify agency and client realization gaps (in real time), and help your Agency maintain proper ASC606 revenue recognition best-practices. Contact CPI ›

Business Intelligence

Agencies that make the most accurate decisions win… and win big. At CPI, we are experts in helping owners and senior leadership find insights that dramatically improve their decision-making (project, client, department, employee, service line and agency profitability). Let us help you grow your Agency’s value. Contact CPI ›


Did you know that the average value of an Agency is 3- 4x EBITDA? However, this range can be significantly higher based on your size, profitability, scalability and niche. Well-run and consistently profitable agencies often see a 5-8x multiple! CPI is ready to help you achieve an exit that reflects the true value you have built.

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Agency Performance Audit

CPI’s Agency Performance Audit focuses on examining your organization at a near molecular level, to understand how you produce work.  We then take this information to create a comprehensive, detailed and practical roadmap to maximize your agency’s EBITDA within a constrained 18–24-month window. Contact CPI ›

Financial Model + Rate Analysis

Post 3rd party valuation, CPI will analyze your existing model to identify opportunities to quickly maximize your Agency’s EBITDA. We begin by reviewing all of your model inputs against industry KPI’s to help leadership understand the key levers impacting your profitability. Inputs are then reworked for your model to establish a clear financial vision. Contact CPI ›

Organizational Structure + Roles & Responsibilities

Now may be the time to address long-standing cultural and org structure liabilities that were too difficult or unpopular to address in the past. We help align your Agency’s organizational structure and roles & responsibilities with industry best-practices to improve deal attractiveness and reduce post-sale integration risk and friction. Contact CPI ›

Technology MVP

Whether it’s redeploying an existing “Agency System of Record,” or maximizing your legacy systems, we help you get the most out of your technology investments. We identify breakdowns in your existing tech usage; designing new streamlined processes to improve and optimize your PM, Accounting and Resourcing disciplines. Contact CPI ›

Revenue Recognition + Performance Check-in

CPI will help establish the best-practice monthly review of all projects to determine percent complete, earned/unearned revenue and project performance in alignment with ASC606 compliance. This ongoing audit methodology will help you improve your financial statements, streamline your due diligence process and defend valuation. Contact CPI ›

Business Intelligence

Agencies that have actionable operational and financial data can reduce acquisition risk, increase offer size and shorten diligence. At CPI, we are experts in helping owners illustrate the health of their organization in a manner that is both detailed and defensible. We help you sustainably grow your EBITDA and when the time comes, defend your Agency’s valuation. Contact CPI ›

BI Plus (Quarterly Analysis + Recommendations)

CPI partners with leadership to leverage business intelligence to reinforce and support rapid, large-scale organizational change. Our ongoing analysis is designed to measure progress against desired organizational and cultural goals, while providing actionable recommendations to address slippage and quickly get back on track. Contact CPI ›


According to Harvard, between 70-90% of M&A leads to failure and “value destruction”. The primary culprits are unrealistic expectations, culture, operational differences, value misalignment, coupled with poor integration planning. CPI has integration experience with both in-house and independent agencies, with a focus on creating synergy.

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Target Agency Performance Audit

Beauty is more than skin deep. CPI’s Agency Performance Audit of an acquisition target that is intended to validate financial performance, evaluate current processes and assess overall cultural fit. We help leadership make an informed decision on the attractiveness of a target organization, identifying risks and barriers to a clean integration. Contact CPI ›

Integration Roadmap

Leveraging insights from the Target Agency Audit, CPI works with leadership to build a post-sale strategy with clearly defined goals, objectives and milestones that optimize desired synergies. CPI then develops a custom roadmap, with integration best-practices that act as a detailed blueprint, dramatically reducing deal risk and time-to-value. Contact CPI ›

Organizational Structure

CPI begins by creating an interim organizational structure that honors the unique characteristics of both organizations, striving for initial synergies and efficiencies while keeping the wheels on the bus moving. Simultaneously, we work with leadership to design mid and long-term organizational structures to ensure one-plus-one equals three. Contact CPI ›

Consolidated Financial Model

CPI helps craft a unified and normalized financial vision for both organizations (both individually and combined) that establishes transparent expectations. This is where we translate and redefine operational metrics that drive the behavior of teams, ensuring the viability of the Agency’s Financial Model. Contact CPI ›

Consolidated Engagement Model + Workflow

CPI helps you take advantage of the strengths of both organizations by defining and documenting the ideal way you want to sell and work together as a synergistic team. We help you operationalize your new engagement models and workflows, allowing you to deliver greater value to your clients, more profitably and at scale. Contact CPI ›

Consolidated Roles & Responsibilities

The first order of business is to normalize job titles, descriptions and requirements across the two organizations. CPI helps you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each discipline in order to set clear expectations for individual and team performance. When complete, your Agency will be faster, stronger and more agile. Contact CPI ›

ERP Integration

CPI leads the charge of migrating one entity (or both) into a new “Agency System of Record” that consolidates and normalizes project management, accounting and reporting functions. The result is an increase in your team’s ability to jointly scope projects, optimize workloads and share resources; dramatically improving utilization and throughput. Contact CPI ›

Revenue Recognition + Performance Check-In

CPI will help establish the best-practice monthly review of all projects to determine percent complete, earned/unearned revenue and project performance. This monthly meeting of accountability allows leadership to quickly identify rogue projects, take action when necessary and identify consistent themes impacting profitability. Contact CPI ›