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An effective Marketing Operations infrastructure is not an accident. It requires leadership to slow down, be introspective and have an honest conversation about balancing the competing forces of Clients, Creative, Culture and Profit. Whether you are a 2,000-person global network or a 50-person boutique shop, we will help you remove barriers to your success.


Core Values


We believe culture is your secret sauce… your Kung Fu. Our core focus is to protect what makes you, you, while simultaneously enabling teams to become the best versions of themselves. Active listening, employee buy-in and digestible org change determine the success of all engagements.

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Data improves decision-making and reduces risk. At CPI, we are experts in helping owners and senior leadership find insights that dramatically improve all decision-making. Actionable data can be your biggest ally in large-scale organizational change, helping to change hearts and minds.

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Bi-directional and open communication almost always wins. CPI believes in promoting transparency, which involves sharing information and decision-making processes. Employees today are more informed than ever; keeping them in the loop promotes trust and buy-in.

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No, “profit” is not a bad word; rather, it empowers creativity, enhances culture and creates opportunity for sustainable growth. An organization enjoying 30% agency profit is able to reward its stakeholders in a way that an agency sitting below 10% profit simply cannot. We can help.

Connect With CPI

Operational Excellence matched with a level of expertise, service, professionalism and adaptability that is unmatched. Over the past few years, we’ve been seen significant increases in both our utilization rates and higher profit margins. Additionally, they have also been instrumental with our M&A initiatives; where they facilitated the onboarding and integration of a recently acquired 60-person agency.

Amanda Harrison, EVP of Client Operations - BPD Healthcare

At COX + Ideabar, we operate an internal/external hybrid agency, servicing brands owned by our parent company Cox Enterprises, and we also operate a boutique integrated advertising agency. Vanessa was an essential partner in structuring our operational model; helping us to connect our technology, financial, client stakeholder and people’s goals. Vanessa is whip smart, a mature leader, and a global thinker who we are proud to call our partner.

Amy Royster Bridger, VP Agency Strategy - COX + Ideabar

At AdventHealth, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with Vanessa and her team during a critical juncture in our organization’s evolution. Their commitment to understanding our unique challenges has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. CPI is more than just a consultant, and we highly recommend their services to any organization looking to overcome operational challenges and harness the power of data to drive success.

Jeannie Fogle, Dir. Creative OPS - MSM AdventHealth

Partnering with Creative Performance Inc. (CPI) has been a game-changer for the two agencies I’ve had the privilege of leading. Their unparalleled operational and financial expertise in creative agencies has been nothing short of transformative, driving both of my ventures to new heights of profitability and efficiency. For agency leaders looking to elevate their business, CPI’s team offers the kind of seasoned, insightful partnership that can truly revolutionize how you operate.

Chad Willett, Chief Instigator - West Edge

Vanessa and the CPI team navigated us through the organizational change of adding a project management discipline, and was there every step of the way to ensure its success. Their invaluable feedback and direction have fundamentally changed the way we do business. To say I trust CPI is an understatement!

Michelle Hill, Partner - Ramey

Vanessa really understands the dynamic of agency culture and client relationships. Not only did we get her expertise in software implementation, but her presence and advice helped advance the agency operationally as well. Her team was impeccable.

Holly, Director of PM – Epsilon (SolutionSet)

It was invaluable working with Vanessa, as she was honest and straightforward with our team. It’s often challenging for principals to see what’s in front of them. I’d highly recommend collaborating with CPI as they can help agencies focus on the right path to success.

Jennifer, Managing Director – Roundhouse

CPI has been the most valuable resource we’ve ever engaged to help our firm. Vanessa has a rare ability to work with agency Principals on a big picture strategic level, but also set up and execute those strategic goals tactically in Workamajig.

Yadim, Principal – Pure Branding

Creative Performance Inc. played an important role in The New Group’s transition from our old agency systems and methods to Workamajig. Vanessa worked tirelessly with our internal transition team to ensure that we got a good start to a new era of agency management for the company.

Doug, Founder – The New Group

The CPI experience is less about software deployment, and more about agency synergy. We learned a lot more about our agency business than what we paid for. Thanks CPI.

Trevor, Founder – Nemo Design

Vanessa is a dynamo who truly knows how to turn vision into reality. I have continually looked to her for inspiration and actionable ideas when it comes to making our agency more successful.

Paul, Founder – Connective DX

Vanessa is a great Marketing Operations resource. As a former agency owner, she understands the unique challenges of balancing client expectations with culture and profit.

Steve, CFO – Frank Creative

CPI’s deep knowledge of Workamajig, their experience with project and financial data conversion, and their calm professionalism in the face of high stress made our deployment a success.

Mary, Principal – JPL

CPI subscribes to the golden rule… under promise and over deliver. Their team identified both our strengths and the gaps that were preventing us from reaching our potential.

Eric, CEO – SE2

Vanessa is exactly what we needed.  After investing in Workamajig we struggled. We found the perfect partner in CPI.  I only wish we could have gone to them sooner. Their best practices and professional, yet fun nature, are a winning combo.  Vanessa’s expertise is rare in the agency world.

Tona, CEO – Tricycle

Because our agency had grown at such a rapid pace, our processes that worked at 30 people, no longer worked at nearly 100. CPI worked with our agency as if they were one of us, deeply embedding themselves in our cultures and processes as if they were truly vested in our success.

Jen, Dir Client Services – Zehnder

I’ve had the pleasure of working with CPI. Their professionalism, intelligent holistic approach and ability to integrate our short-term and long-term goals has been invaluable. Rene was the difference for me as we focused on aligning Workamajig with our financial processes.

Anna, Partner, Transformation – Godfrey Dadich

CPI is the absolute gold standard when it comes to agency consulting and expertise.  Their core value is their point of view, methodology and experience in successful agency operations.  And they deliver that with a highly professional and knowledgeable team that deliver these insights with a personal touch that is both fun and engaging.

Jason, VP Operations – MarkeTeam

As our agency began to aggressively grow, we found that our old processes were unable to scale. We partnered with CPI to overhaul of our marketing operations model, helping us modernize and prepare for the future.

Jennifer, Managing Director – Two Rivers Marketing

CPI holds a deep knowledge of Workamajig that is unmatched by other operations experts. Their hands-on training and consultation have helped us completely re-architect how we use this system to make our operations more effective, more efficient, and ultimately more profitable. I’m very happy with where we are and the progress we’ve made this year. The numbers and the behavior we’re seeing are a direct result of implementing the CPI process and workflows. Yes, you can quote me on that.

David, President – Saxton Horne Communications

CPI has redefined what it means to be an agency consultant; they are thought partners with deep industry and agency transformation expertise. With CPI’s guidance, we were able to fundamentally transform the way we conduct business, are agile, resilient and find ourselves uniquely positioned to collect powerful data to drive real organizational intelligence and change.

Rahul, President – Tribal Vision