Over the last six years, CPI has helped over a hundred agencies through the rigors of identifying, training, deploying or redeploying their integrated systems. If you are considering (or struggling with) adopting a tool like Advantage, Workamajig ® or WorkBook… we have provided a brief synopsis of the “critical success factors” that will either make or break your deployment.

Top 10 Takeaways: Agency Management Software Deployment

  1. Ensure principals/stakeholders are bought-in when tool is selected
  2. Don’t bite off more than your culture can chew; be realistic
  3. Establish a phased deployment plan; avoid resource overload
  4. Develop an “Implementation Team” to shadow consulting team
  5. Identify, cultivate and retain departmental “Champions”
  6. Absolutely ensure desired metrics drive/inform your system setup
  7. Use the deployment as an opportunity to adopt industry best practices
  8. Ensure agency workflows are compatible and aligned with your tool
  9. Invest in end-user training; train, train… and then retrain
  10. Build an internal “Center of Excellence” to ensure tool’s stickiness