Portland, OR, March 31st 2011 — Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a national leader in financial and operational consulting for advertising agencies, has been engaged by Wilson Advertising to conduct an agency efficiency audit and assist in the deployment of TimeFox. TimeFox is the leading web-based time and project management application for small creative companies. It includes: easy-to-use time sheets and estimates, accurate time and project reports, scheduling, task assignment, and calendars. “We are very pleased to be working with Wilson Advertising,” states Vanessa Edwards, President of CPI. “Over the next few quarters we will be working with them to refine their operational processes, review financial statements, modify and update service/billing-item/purchase item matrixes, conduct a HR audit, provide client services team recommendations and best-practices related to scoping, utilization and realization rates.

About Creative Performance
Creative Performance is a consulting firm that specializes in agency operations. We drive operational efficiency while maintaining your creativity. And yes, we realize that might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t—when it’s done right. That’s why we deploy project management solutions specially tailored to your agency. We make the creative process and operational process work together for you. People + Process + Technology: for maximum profitability, it all needs to add up. We start by finding the operational processes that’ll meet all your departments’ needs. Then we deploy the right tools to enhance agency-wide efficiency. Our rigorous and holistic methodology takes every little detail into account, without missing the big picture.

About Wilson Advertising
Located in Dayton, OH, Wilson is an agency that specializes in re-crafting and repositioning mature brands that could use a good kick in the pants. Whether it’s a brand that has lost its way, or customers who have been unattended to, there is always room for reconciliation. We like to think of it as rekindling the romance. It’s what we are good at, and why we work with names that can be trusted, brands that once meant something special, or still do. At the end of the day, we all want to trust who we are giving our time and money to. We have spent the better part of our years becoming multidimensional. Which also means we not only recognize shifts in the industry but the ever changing dynamics of customer profiles and human behavior that are swirling around us all. It keeps us on our toes and our brains active, day and night. It’s why we work with such passion to constantly deliver inspiration to our clients.