Portland, OR, February 28th 2011 — Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a national leader in financial and operational consulting for advertising agencies, has been engaged by Skidmore Studios to conduct an agency efficiency audit and a Workamajig® audit. “We are very pleased to be working with Skidmore,” states Vanessa Edwards, President of CPI. “Over the next few quarters we will be working with them to review their Workamajig deployment, operational processes, review financial statements, modify and update service/billing item matrixes, review efficiencies, deploy Workamajig® Traffic and CRM modules and best-practices consulting related to advanced project setup, advanced project scheduling, advanced staff scheduling, dashboards, running and reading reports.

About Creative Performance
Creative Performance is a consulting firm that specializes in agency operations. We drive operational efficiency while maintaining your creativity. And yes, we realize that might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t—when it’s done right. That’s why we deploy project management solutions specially tailored to your agency. We make the creative process and operational process work together for you. People + Process + Technology: for maximum profitability, it all needs to add up. We start by finding the operational processes that’ll meet all your departments’ needs. Then we deploy the right tools to enhance agency-wide efficiency. Our rigorous and holistic methodology takes every little detail into account, without missing the big picture.

About Skidmore Studios
Located in Detroit, MI, Skidmore is a marketing, design and illustration studio that has been around since the advertising heyday of the 50s and has been part of many creative revolutions. We started as an illustration house predominantly geared toward the automotive industry, but as time went on, the Skidmore name became synonymous with the best creative work in the city. Skidmore is the only creative studio in the country that staffs a full-time team of graphic designers, illustrators, storyboard artists, motion graphic artists, writers and marketing strategists under one roof. With this in-house dynamic, Skidmore solves design challenges utilizing an integrated approach that provides effective solutions across print, video and interactive.

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