Portland, OR, June 8,  2012 — Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a national leader in financial and operational consulting for advertising agencies, has been engaged by Seattle, Washington-based Wexley School for Girls to conduct an audit of their Workamajig® instance.  The engagement will consist of a technology and process audit, HR and best-practices audit and Workamajig® accounting training.

“We are excited to be working with Wexley,” states Vanessa Edwards, President of CPI.  “Over the coming weeks, CPI will be conducting an in-depth audit of their Workamajig® system, in order to increase adoption rates and better prepare the organization for subsequent platform modules.”

Workamajig® is the most powerful and innovative project management software for marketing and ad agencies, design firms, in-house creative departments and everyone else in the creative industry.

About Creative Performance                

Creative Performance is a consulting firm that specializes in agency operations. We drive operational efficiency while maintaining your creativity. And yes, we realize that might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t—when it’s done right. That’s why we deploy project management solutions specially tailored to your agency. We make the creative process and operational process work together for you.  People + Process + Technology: for maximum profitability, it all needs to add up. We start by finding the operational processes that’ll meet all your department’s needs. Then we deploy the right tools to enhance agency-wide efficiency. Our rigorous and holistic methodology takes every little detail into account, without missing the big picture.

About Wexley School for Girls

Located in Seattle, WA, Wexley School for Girls (Wexley) is a nontraditional marketing company, that helps their clients reach consumers in untraditional ways: websites, publicity stunts, viral videos.  Wexley is a fan factory; they take their client’s money and turn it into thousands, tens of thousands, millions of thousands of crazy people.   They create, reinvigorate and deliver clients by entertaining them, winning their hearts and doing what others cannot.  Clients include Copper Mountain, Microsoft, Sephora, T-Mobile, Ford, Nike and ESPN, among others.

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