Portland, OR, December 31, 2014 — As part of an ongoing effort to focus on predicting, measuring, and mitigating risk associated with large-scale organizational change, Creative Performance Inc. (CPI) has invested heavily in incorporating DiSC 2.0 as part of our management consulting services. In December of this year, four members of the CPI team completed Everything DiSC Trainer Certification consisting of Work of Leaders, 363 for Leaders, Management, Sales and DiSC Classic.

“We are very excited about the content, approach and skills that were acquired during Wiley’s Everything DiSC Trainer Certification,” states Vanessa Edwards, President of Creative Performance. “We’ve leveraged DiSC as an integral part of our practice for over five years, which has enabled us to quickly build consensus, communicate complex concepts, break down barriers to change and facilitate the adoption of complex integrated systems into marketing service organizations.”

About Creative Performance

Creative Performance Inc. is a niche-consulting firm for the Marketing Services industry (Brand + Agency). We specialize in measurably improving our clients’ throughput, resourcing, realization rates, utilization rates, quality and project profitability, while protecting creativity. CPI brings a balanced approach that emphasizes harmony between People, Process + Technology.  Clients include small, mid-market and enterprise organizations across North America. CPI is an Oracle Agile PLM Gold Partner and Workamajig® Expert Partner, tackling their most complex and sophisticated clients, including their largest enterprise deployments.

About DiSC

  • Provides a common language to help teams understand one another and work better together
  • Acts as a springboard for conversation and team building
  • Improves employee and workplace communication
  • Helps you to understand people who aren’t like you…or are too much like you
  • Reduces conflict and avoids misunderstanding