Today, the agency has continued to enjoy a period of sustained growth, fueled by their investment in their Marketing Operations discipline. Project Management has improved their ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Account Management has been empowered to focus on client relationships, strategy and cross-selling opportunities. They have leveraged their system to improve accuracy and efficiencies in estimating, budget-to-actual management, resourcing, load balancing and performance management. Leadership now has visibility into a myriad of financial and operational KPI’s to support strategic decision making.

Connect With CPI

  1. Existing Technology Audit
  2. Process + Workflow Audit
  3. Roles + Responsibilities Audit
  4. Software Redeployment Roadmap
  5. Project Management Discipline Design
  6. Workflow Design + Documentation
  7. Technology Redeployment + Training
  8. Project + Accounting Conversion
  9. Revenue Recognition Process Design