Intense and Fun 4-Day Workshops

Our Workamajig® Platinum Accounting University (held in Portland, OR) details our best practice recommendations for setting up and using Workamajig Platinum to leverage the integration between the financial and project management sides of the system.

Day 1 - Morning Session

Accounting Roles + Responsibilities

Understanding Rates

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Day 1 - Afternoon Session

Billing Matrix Overview

Best Practice Chart of Accounts

Client Architecture

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Day 2 - Morning Session

Workamajig® Platinum Overview

Campaigns: Accounting’s Perspective

Campaign Invoicing Setup

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Day 2 - Afternoon Session

Projects: Accounting’s Perspective

Accounts Payable

COGS Invoices

Overhead Invoices

Vendor Credits

Vendor Payments

Expense Reports

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Day 3 - Morning Session

Credit Card Processing

Work in Progress

Billing/Revenue Recognition Timeline

Managing Deferred Revenue

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Day 3 - Afternoon Session

Advanced Bills


Client Credits

Managing Accrued COGS

Revenue Recognition

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Day 4 - Morning Session

Electronic Billing Worksheet Process

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Day 4 - Afternoon Session

Transactional Invoicing

Financial + Operational Reporting

Managing Budgets: Accounting’s Perspective

CPI Agency Accounting Certification Quiz

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Past Attendees

  • “(The University) was very organized and on task. Felt like we really got our money’s worth.”
  • “The workshop's intimate setting is terrific for interaction, learning and remaining focused.”
  • “The CPI team's presentation was always energetic (and) teachers were knowledgeable.”
  • “I really liked and respected CPI's high level of energy and how they broke things down simply and easily.”
  • “The CPI team is obviously extremely knowledgeable about Workamajig and ERP systems and is exceptionally credible.”
  • “Such enthusiastic presenters who are so knowledgeable and ready to help. And no judgments!
  • “The seminar was appropriate for all levels of expertise in accounting and billing. It was really helpful."
  • "CPI is a full-circle service consultancy, and is truly the best in their field – they are worth every penny.”


“I’ve attended both their Project Management and Accounting Universities, which have been jam-packed with collaborative learning and information. Additionally, I’ve worked with Creative Performance to look at our business process and deepen my knowledge of WMJ. CPI is a full-circle service consultancy, and is truly the best in their field – they are worth every penny.”

Yadim, Principal – Pure Branding

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