Intense and Fun 4-Day Workshops

Our Workamajig Platinum Accounting University (held in Portland, OR) details our best practice recommendations for setting up and using Workamajig® Platinum to leverage the integration between the financial and project management sides of the system.

Day 1 - Morning Session

Accounting Roles + Responsibilities

Understanding Rates

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Day 1 - Afternoon Session

Billing Matrix Overview

Best Practice Chart of Accounts

Client Architecture

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Day 2 - Morning Session

Workamajig® Platinum Overview

Campaigns: Accounting’s Perspective

Campaign Invoicing Setup

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Day 2 - Afternoon Session

Projects: Accounting’s Perspective

Accounts Payable

COGS Invoices

Overhead Invoices

Vendor Credits

Vendor Payments

Expense Reports

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Day 3 - Morning Session

Credit Card Processing

Work in Progress

Billing/Revenue Recognition Timeline

Managing Deferred Revenue

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Day 3 - Afternoon Session

Advanced Bills


Client Credits

Managing Accrued COGS

Revenue Recognition

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Day 4 - Morning Session

Electronic Billing Worksheet Process

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Day 4 - Afternoon Session

Transactional Invoicing

Financial + Operational Reporting

Managing Budgets: Accounting’s Perspective

CPI Agency Accounting Certification Quiz

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Past Attendees

  • “(The University) was very organized and on task. Felt like we really got our money’s worth.”
  • “The workshop's intimate setting is terrific for interaction, learning and remaining focused.”
  • “The CPI team's presentation was always energetic (and) teachers were knowledgeable.”
  • “I really liked and respected CPI's high level of energy and how they broke things down simply and easily.”
  • “The CPI team is obviously extremely knowledgeable about Workamajig and ERP systems and is exceptionally credible.”
  • “Such enthusiastic presenters who are so knowledgeable and ready to help. And no judgments!
  • “The seminar was appropriate for all levels of expertise in accounting and billing. It was really helpful."
  • "CPI is a full-circle service consultancy, and is truly the best in their field – they are worth every penny.”


“I’ve attended both their Project Management and Accounting Universities, which have been jam-packed with collaborative learning and information. Additionally, I’ve worked with Creative Performance to look at our business process and deepen my knowledge of WMJ. CPI is a full-circle service consultancy, and is truly the best in their field – they are worth every penny.”

Yadim, Principal – Pure Branding

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