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A decade ago CPI set out to create a niche consultancy, dedicated solely to empowering the leadership teams of marketing services organizations.  Since those humble beginnings, we have helped over eighty organizations evaluate, select, deploy and train on technologies to improve performance, organizational agility and agency profit.

CPI provides both remote and seminar-based training for organizations looking to engage us on a limited basis or to refresh their teams that were trained as part of our deployment or redeployments.

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If Project Management is the backbone of Workamajig, then Accounting is its heart; without a well-designed and properly setup Accounting side, it is nearly impossible to get actionable data out of the system.

Our REMOTE Accounting Training includes detailed explanations of how Workamajig Platinum’s system integration works between Project Management and Accounting, as well as thorough direction on complex accounting functionalities like Work in Progress, progress-based Revenue Recognition, and principles of Revenue and Expense matching. In addition, we train the specific details for how to properly create client invoices, process vendor invoices, use Purchase Orders, process credit card transactions, and all other standard accounting functionalities, as well as how to run and analyze project, client, and company financial and operational reports.

  • “You guys rock! Clear and energizing teaching; I am truly inspired by your depth of knowledge and your communication skills.
  • “CPI understands Agency Management. Their Project Management training is more than just WMJ training, it also encompasses operations management and agency best practices.”
  • “The teaching approach was very clear and concise. Presenters were knowledgeable and enthusiastic.”
  • “CPI’s Workamajig trainings not only teach you how to use a complex integrated system, but also the business fundamentals critical to understanding it.”


“We found the training very helpful…Trainings are sometimes tough depending on skill level of the trainees and desired outcomes, but I can honestly say that was one of the best training sessions I've ever attended. You all make a great team and we really gained a ton of knowledge which we have already started sharing with the team and implementing.  The training sessions exceeded my expectations."

Joe, VP of Operations, The Archer Group

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