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Hailing from Portland, OR, Vanessa graduated from university with a degree in Philosophy. An amateur helicopter and fixed wing pilot since sixteen, she began her first career as a pilot for LifeFlight. It was here that she was first exposed to, and learned the value of, systems-based training, integrated systems and the necessity of maintaining composure under life and death situations. She ended her career in corporate aviation as one of the youngest pilots ever type-rated in a triple engine jet.

Upon completing her MBA, Vanessa co-founded a digital agency that experienced explosive growth for five years, prior to its acquisition in 2010.  As the COO/CFO she was tasked with finding a “middle way” that balanced the needs of Finance and Operations with Creative, Culture and the Client.

For the last decade, Vanessa and her team have helped over a 100 organizations (Agency & In-House) through complex organizational change, adopt agency management software, embrace business intelligence and prepare for future growth.

Speaking Topics

Agency Management Software

A consultant’s perspective on the Agency Management Software space, after over a hundred deployments and re-deployments. Topics: Integrated vs. Non-integrated, Understanding Total Cost of Ownership, Preparing Your Culture, Realistic Goal Setting and Measuring Success.

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Business Intelligence for Agencies

How embracing Business Intelligence will help your organization become smarter, more agile, and resilient to unexpected marketplace changes. Topics: Analytics vs. Business Intelligence, Intuition vs. Data-Driven Planning, Build vs. Buy and Leveraging BI to Change Culture.

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Marketing Operation Discipline

How embracing a formal Marketing Operations discipline will transform your agency, into a best-in-class organization primed for sustainable growth. Topics: Financial Model, Operational Model, Project Management, Agency Management Software, Business Intelligence, Chaos vs. Creativity.

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PMO | Project Management

Why so many Agencies fail miserably when it comes to adopting a PM discipline; and why giving up on PM is not an option. Topics: Economic Value of PM, Cultural Value of PM, Blended Role vs. Discrete PM, PMO Discipline, PM Best-Practices, Preparing Your Agency, Best-Practice Rollout.

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Accounting | Financial Operations Keynote

Preparing for The Future

"CPI is the absolute gold standard when it comes to agency consulting and expertise. Their core value is their point of view, methodology and experience in successful agency operations. And they deliver that with a highly professional and knowledgeable team that deliver these insights with a personal touch that is both fun and engaging."

Jason, VP Operations, MarkeTeam

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