Creative Performance Inc. signs s2 Financial as a client

Portland, OR, May 2nd, 2011 — Creative Performance Inc. (CPI), a national leader in financial and operational consulting for advertising agencies, has been engaged by s2 Financial to conduct an agency efficiency audit. “We are very pleased to be working with s2,” states Vanessa Edwards, President of CPI.  “Over the next few quarters we will be concentrating on client services role recommendations, best-practice job descriptions/roles, efficiency recommendations, revised agency processes and workflow training.”

About Creative Performance
Creative Performance is a consulting firm that specializes in agency operations. We drive operational efficiency while maintaining your creativity. And yes, we realize that might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t—when it’s done right. That’s why we deploy project management solutions specially tailored to your agency. We make the creative process and operational process work together for you.  People + Process + Technology: for maximum profitability, it all needs to add up. We start by finding the operational processes that’ll meet all your departments’ needs. Then we deploy the right tools to enhance agency-wide efficiency. Our rigorous and holistic methodology takes every little detail into account, without missing the big picture.

About s2 Financial
Located in Chicago, IL, s2 is a full-service marketing communications firm with a specialization in financial services, provides marketing strategy, brand development and creative. We’re a tight-knit team. Together, we’re the ones you come to depend on to pitch a tent and carry your gear as you explore new markets and move into new dimensions. We’re the ones who support you, we’re the ones who challenge you, and we’re the ones who talk about you. We stay on top of industry trends, advances, and events. We know who’s speaking at and sponsoring the key conferences. We know who’s advertising in the relevant publications. Most important, we talk the talk with fund managers, research analysts, bankers, institutional clients, financial advisors, and individual investors. And isn’t it all about the company you keep?

About: CPI

Creative Performance Inc. (CPI) is a marketing operations consultancy for the marketing services industry (both Agency + In-House). We specialize in improving our client’s Organizational Agility and Operational Resilience, through a seamless integration of industry best practices, mar-tech and business intelligence.  CPI is an AgencyStory®, Deltek®, Oracle Agile and Workamajig® partner.

About: Vanessa Vollum Edwards

Hailing from Portland, OR, Vanessa graduated from university with a degree in Philosophy. An amateur helicopter and fixed wing pilot since age sixteen, she began her first career as a pilot for LifeFlight. Upon completing her MBA, Vanessa was recruited by a fellow classmate into becoming the CFO/COO for a digital agency experiencing rapid growth. The agency was acquired in 2010. Over the last decade, Vanessa has built a strategic consultancy focused on empowering agency principals, accelerating growth, increasing profitability and deploying agency management software.  She is a founder of AgencyStory®, a patent pending curated analytics solution for the marketing services industry.

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