Media as a Fully Integrated Department

You know that your Media team is providing highly valuable services and capabilities to your clients and increasing ROI on their campaigns. However, you’re struggling with managing the Media Operations, and knowing the right integration points between Media and the other agency departments. In addition, you’re unsure whether your compensation models are working for or against you.

With the pressure of reduced media fees and commissions along with the high cost of media mistakes, agencies need to find a way to improve cross-functional integration points, clarify media responsibilities, increase accuracy of media reconciliation and billing, utilize better technology solutions, ultimately improving overall Media departmental profitability.

How We Help

We help agencies define and document their ideal Media Models, create best practice compensation structures, develop workflows with defined cross-functional integration points, refine and clarify media responsibilities across all teams, optimize media technologies and implement best practice Media reconciliation and accounting.

  • Media Models + Process Review
  • Media Compensation + Financial Review
  • Media Model Documentation
  • Technology Selection + Implementation
  • Media Cross-Functional Integration Points
  • Media Org Structure, Roles + Responsibilities
  • Media Accounting + Billing Best Practices
  • Media Reconciliation + Syncing Best Practices


"CPI is the absolute gold standard when it comes to agency consulting and expertise. Their core value is their point of view, methodology and experience in successful agency operations. And they deliver that with a highly professional and knowledgeable team that deliver these insights with a personal touch that is both fun and engaging."

Jason, VP Operations – MarkeTeam

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