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Marketing Operations is often described as “the function of a marketing organization, including People, Process, and Technology, that enables teams to operate efficiently and to scale with quality and consistency.”  At CPI, we describe Marketing Operations as the single most important force an organization can adopt to transform culture and profitability.

Every day, thousands of decisions are being made by both leadership and employees that impact the health of their organization. If not well coordinated by both a Financial and Operational Model, these decisions create shockwaves throughout the organization, eventually impacting the work, clients and profit.

How We Help

CPI has an extensive track record of working with leadership to articulate their long-term cultural and financial goals. That insight is leveraged to develop custom Operating and Financial Models, which then link human activity and decisions to strategic goals. We help ensure that everyone in the boat is rowing in the same direction, at the same time.

  • Financial Model
  • Organizational Model
  • Remuneration Model
  • Rate Model
  • Staffing Model
  • Client Investment Model
  • Cross-functional Workflows
  • Capacity Planning


"Vanessa is a great Marketing Operations resource. As a former agency owner, she understands the unique challenges of balancing client expectations with culture and profit."

Steve, CFO – Frank Creative

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