Build the Ideal Partner Ecosystem

Did you know that the average agency-client partnership lasts less than two years?  A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into onboarding a new partner, and it is both expensive and demoralizing (to both parties) when relationships don’t achieve their potential.

And just like any union, the success of the relationship is often predicated on common goals, realistic expectations, chemistry and the ability to recover from setbacks.  Domain knowledge, strategy, creative, multi-channel expertise and ROI are the new minimum.  Finding a partner that can consistently keep pace with your team and deliver complementary capabilities “at scale” is the difference between a partner you can grow with vs. another burnt relationship.  We can help.

How We Help

At CPI, we work with in-house leadership to build harmonious relationships with their agency partners.  We begin by working with leadership to truly understand what capabilities should be kept internally, and what work should be outsourced.  We then help you determine your ideal portfolio of agency partners, by model, to help you look beyond immediate needs and instead focus on compatibility.  CPI then works with IHA leadership to design optimal roles, functions and workflows to ensure the best possible working relationship.

  • IHA + Agency Partner Audit
  • IHA Team Gap Analysis
  • Marketing Objectives Map
  • Agency Budgeting Models
  • Roles and Functions
  • Communication Model
  • Agency Scorecard
  • Annual Partner Review


"I’m very happy with where we are and the progress we’ve made this year. The numbers and the behavior we’re seeing are a direct result of implementing the CPI process and workflows. Yes, you can quote me on that."

David, President – Saxton Horne Communications

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