Evolving from “Frenemy” to Hybrid

For the last twenty years, the fundamental drivers for adopting an in-house agency model were cost savings, speed to market and increased control.  However, today, that is no longer the case, as more brands are bringing work in house due to marketing channel complexity, increased data security requirements, and the need to own the entire customer journey.

While some brands have successfully brought the vast majority of their work in-house, these are the exception and not the rule.  Many have found that increased cost, complexity and inability to retain critical talent have forced them to recognize the value of blending internal and external agency expertise.  The Hybrid model supports this evolution through specialization, shared responsibilities and accountability.  However, this is easier said than done.

How We Help

At CPI, we work with in-house leadership to transition from the old “frenemy” client-agency model into a modern hybrid relationship.  It’s not about looking at the past and incrementally improving performance (cost, speed and control) over time.  Rather, it is about transforming your organization in order to bring core capabilities in house and own the entire customer journey – all while simultaneously filling gaps with agency partners in a manner that is non-disruptive to your core business and cultural goals.

  • Business Case and Risk Assessment
  • Migration Strategy
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Workflow and Process Design
  • Marketing Operations Software
  • Business Analytics
  • Change Management


"As our agency began to aggressively grow, we found that our old processes were unable to scale. We partnered with CPI to overhaul of our marketing operations model, helping us modernize and prepare for the future."

Jennifer, Managing Director – Two Rivers Marketing

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