Leverage Best Practices to Scale Profitably

Stop treating every engagement as a bespoke one-off!  It’s time to finally distill your Agency’s Kung Fu, secret-sauce, etc., in order to dramatically improve your ability to scale profitably.  We can help you transition from “tribal knowledge” to scaleable documented IP.

By documenting the ideal way you do the work, you can more easily scope and price, set clear timelines, incorporate the right people at the right times, and proactively drive and manage client engagements. In addition, by following clearly defined agency standards, you can reduce internal mistakes and mis-steps to improve the overall engagement experience for both agency team members and clients.

How We Help

We help agencies develop overall standards for their engagement models and associated workflows that include ideal phases, notifications and meetings to establish critical integration points, clear checks and balances, and overall timing.

  • Ideal Client Engagement Modeling
  • Workflow Facilitation
  • Define Ideal Checks + Balances
  • Workflow Visualization & Documentation
  • Document Critical Integration Points
  • Agency-Wide Rollout & Support


"CPI is the absolute gold standard when it comes to agency consulting and expertise. Their core value is their point of view, methodology and experience in successful agency operations. And they deliver that with a highly professional and knowledgeable team that deliver these insights with a personal touch that is both fun and engaging."

Jason, VP Operations – MarkeTeam

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