CPI worked with leadership to develop Engagement Models and Workflows that both supported their Ideal Clients, as well as weaved in their “special sauce.” Once these workflows were established, they were translated into their technology as blueprints/guidelines improving scoping, estimating and workflow management. Next, CPI clarified roles & responsibilities and career paths for the AM and PM disciplines empowering each discipline to focus on their strengths, eliminating role confusion, duplication of effort and improving overall accountability. CPI then moved the focus to re-deploying their agency management software and implementing revenue recognition best practices that drove operational and financial insights to improve decision-making.

Once the Acquisition Target was identified, CPI performed a Target Agency Performance Audit, developing a unique integration roadmap for merging the two entities as quickly as possible in the least disruptive manor. CPI spearheaded the setup and deployment of the second entity into the existing agency management software, ensuring the proper firewalls were in place, while providing a clear solution for leveraging and load balancing resources to increase throughput and profitability of the combined organization.

Connect With CPI

  1. Agency Performance Audit
  2. Financial Model + Rate Analysis
  3. Engagement Models + Workflows
  4. Roles + Responsibilities
  5. Tech RedeploymentRevenue Recognition
  6. Target Agency Performance Audit
  7. Integration Roadmap
  8. ERP Integration
  9. Revenue Recognition + Performance Check-In