From Gut Instinct to Data Insights

What’s the value of knowledge? Of wisdom?  We believe the ability to learn from mistakes, anticipate future opportunities and improve decision making is the defining trait of best-in-class Agencies vs. those who endlessly struggle.

At CPI we help Agency leadership focus on the information that is critical to their success.  Traditional analytics focus on raw data or information in a vacuum.  We understand that it’s the holistic combination of Financial and Operational data that provides critical insights into project, client, department, employee, service line and agency profitability. Without this insight, you are flying blind.

How We Help Our Clients

However, the only thing worse than not leveraging data is trusting inaccurate or incomplete data. CPI has invested thousands of hours to develop a patent pending business intelligence solution designed specifically for the marketing services industry.

  • Data Audit + Cleanup
  • AgencyStory® Deployment
  • Data Integrity Stewardship
  • Monthly Analysis + Recommendations
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Additional Reporting Requirements
  • Custom KPI Development
  • Custom Dashboard Development


"The CPI experience is less about software deployment, and more about agency synergy. We learned a lot more about our agency business than what we paid for. Thank you CPI!"

Trevor, Founder – Nemo Design

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