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Transitioning from Workamajig Classic to Platinum

Transitioning from Workamajig Classic to Platinum

Workamajig® has been making great strides in getting their new, HTML5-based Platinum version up and running for Time Entry, Project Management, Expense Reports, Purchase Orders, Billing and Sales/CRM (some of the Accounting functionalities are still being beta tested). We know that lots of people are excited to make the transition from Workamajig Classic to Platinum, but we also know that you won’t just wake up one morning and start using Platinum, so we created a checklist to help you make the transition as smooth and successful as possible!

First of all, we highly recommend using this transition as an opportunity to audit your current agency processes and implement the industry best practices you’ve always considered. We know there are probably 900 reasons you haven’t implemented these yet, but, since you’re already going to be making changes, why not use this momentum to better your agency?!

Here are a few CPI Best Practices you can implement with this transition:

(If you haven’t yet, we’ve got a series of White Papers dealing with the Top 10 Broken Agency Processes and the Project Management discipline that you should read to learn more about each of these best practices.)

As you prepare to make the transition to Platinum, these are the steps we recommend taking in order to be more successful.

Once you’ve successfully launched Platinum PM and Time Entry, it will be time to turn your sights towards Platinum Accounting! Just like above, this will be another great opportunity to implement accounting and finance best practices, allowing your data to be exported and visualized for actionable insights.

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