Collect, Organize + Shape Financial Data

The systemic challenge of “responsibility without authority” is prevalent across the marketing services industry. Unfairly, the CFO or Controller is routinely tasked with optimizing agency profit, with few tools and insights to proactively influence behavior.

At CPI, we work with accounting professionals to design proper controls and adopt agency wide best-practice processes to reduce chaos and improve efficiencies. Our primary goal is to help you collect, organize and shape financial data to change behavior and improve decision making.

How We Help Our Clients

Over the last decade, CPI has worked with hundreds of accounting professionals to navigate the complexities of the marketing services industry. We are here to help you become a catalyst for effective and lasting change in your organization.

  • Chart of Accounts Design
  • Intercompany Process
  • Financial Budgets
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Deferred Revenue Process
  • PO + Expense Report Policies
  • Media Accounting + Reconciliation


"CPI's deep knowledge of agency management software, their experience with project and financial data conversion, and their calm professionalism in the face of high stress made our deployment a success."

Mary, Principal – JPL

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